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A Creepy Creek at Firethorn

by | Dec 15, 2020

If you are not observant, you will miss it. If you are discerning, you will see it. Either way, the creepy creek around the Firethorn course of the Randpark Golf Club will have an impact on your game.

It is omnipresent. Almost omnipotent.

You find it in the beginning, and it reappears at the end of your round. It has many an epitaph written on it of promising rounds that ended badly.

Although it lies less than 150 metres from the men’s tee on the Par 4 1st hole, this creek intimidates many. There are many other hazards on this hole but many social golfers worry more about the creek than the pond on the left of the fairway or the potential out-of-bounds to the right.

God just let me over the creek and let me deal with my troubles on the other side, is the prayer of many.

Once you have survived it, it reappears rather menacingly and ominously as you stand on the tee box of Number 2. Anything less than a good drive will not clear it safely. A push will, with all certainty, sink like the Titanic down the depths of this creek.

If you come out unscathed so far, you can relax for a while. The creek goes to sleep, only to reappear on the stroke two 7th. This time it is monstrous. It envelopes the entire right side of the hole up to the green and through to the 8th hole, the par 3.

On the 9th, as it is on the 10th, it is not – or should I say it should not – be much of worry. It is fairly close to the tee boxes for everyone to clear. But woe unto those that don’t always hit straight. Pray that you don’t touch the branches of the trees lying above the creek because if you did, you are sunken.

Again, for a while, the creek goes to sleep until halfway to the 18th green. Now here, there are many propositions.

If you are a long hitter, the creek is in play from the tee box. But if you are just short of it, it’s hallelujah. The road to the green is filled with gold.

If you are not that long, the creek creeps into your approach. You may have to accept only making the green for three.

Smart golfers – those that don’t hit long – have resorted to playing two shots before reaching the creek. But even this lay up can be dangerous if you do not calculate your distances well.
But once you are over the creek – whether for two, three or indeed with your head shamelessly bowed – facing the sheer beauty of the clubhouse, you will know for sure the power of the creek.

Credit : 15th Club


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