Bushwillow Course

A picturesque, immaculately-conditioned, tree-lined course

Formerly known as Windsor Park and founded during World War II in the 1940s, this course initially featured a 12-hole layout. By 1948, it expanded to a full 18 holes and underwent a redesign by renowned course architect Robert Grimsdell in 1952. In April 2012, in honour of its 60th anniversary, Bushwillow underwent a modest renovation, altering the layout slightly and introducing new green complexes. Today, it stands as an exceptional 18-hole picturesque and well-maintained course, adorned with trees and offering a scenic backdrop. Despite its relatively short distance from tee to green and meticulous maintenance, the course presents a formidable challenge thanks to its strategic placement of large trees along every fairway, catering to players of all skill levels.

Even if your performance is not at its peak, as noted by one Randpark member, strolling through this course is a pleasant experience, with each hole offering a unique set of challenges.

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Bushwillow Course Layout

Par 72 – 6 330m (Men’s Club Tees)

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Bushwillow Course Hole 1

Par 5 | 474

Hole 1

Navigating through trees and bunkers flanking both sides might intercept a stray drive, but a well-placed shot down the middle sets the stage for a favourable chance at par on this welcoming opening hole. However, beware of a sizable rock positioned near the green on the right, which requires careful manoeuvring. Skilled long hitters might even attempt to turn this hole into a two-shot opportunity, particularly given the steep downward slope leading to the green’s entrance.

Bushwillow Course Hole 2

Par 4 | 376

Hole 2

A challenging dog-leg right awaits, with three menacing fairway bunkers positioned in a row, ready to swallow any shot slightly veering right. Thus, aiming left of the fairway is optimal for your tee shot. The green slopes sharply from left to right, presenting a formidable challenge in stopping a rapid downhill putt. Achieving par on this hole merits a well-deserved pat on the back.

Bushwillow Course Hole 3

Par 5 | 448

Hole 3

Pleasing to the eye, yet challenging for the wayward shot. With towering trees lining the right side and a fairway bunker to the left, the drive demands precision. The journey to the green, be it your second or third shot, is fraught with peril: a pond looms uncomfortably close on the right, while a strategically positioned bunker on the left, about 50 meters short of the green, attracts golf balls like a magnet. It’s a classic test of risk and reward; success may lead to a birdie, but failure could mean a watery hazard and a potential bogey six. Regulars at Randpark will attest that the first and third holes on Bushwillow offer two of the most enjoyable par-5 experiences you’ll find.

Bushwillow Course Hole 4

Par 4 | 386

Hole 4

Unless your drive boasts exceptional length, the tall trees lining the left side of this dog-leg will obstruct your approach to the green, even if you find yourself on the fairway but positioned left of center. Additionally, a substantial fairway bunker on the right adds to the challenge. Thus, the crucial strategy here lies in carefully threading your drive past these potential obstacles.

Bushwillow Course Hole 5

Par 4 | 302

Hole 5

Too often, courses lack enjoyable short par-4s, but this gentle dog-leg right stands out as a delightful exception. While a stream poses a threat on the right, the hole encourages you to unleash a drive down the left side, setting up a short second shot. However, beware of the overhanging branches from a large tree near the left side of the green that require careful navigation. It’s a perfect 10/10 gem of a hole that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Bushwillow Course Hole 6

Par 3 | 156

Hole 6

A picturesque hole featuring a green guarded by a bunker to the short left and another positioned beyond the back of the putting surface. One strategy for tackling this hole involves aiming the tee shot just to the right of the green, allowing the ball to roll down off the slope and feed toward the center of the green. As you watch eagerly, you might find yourself shouting “get close!” or, optimistically, “get in the hole!” Who knows? It just might happen.

Bushwillow Course Hole 7

Par 4 | 360

Hole 7

This hole features a right-to-left dogleg, with tall, slender trees lining the left side, obstructing the approach to the green if you veer too far left, even from the fairway. Opting for a drive to the right, even if it lands in the semi-rough, opens up the hole. The fairway slopes downhill for approximately 250 meters before ascending uphill toward the green.

Bushwillow Course Hole 8

Par 3 | 162

Hole 8

A 120-meter carry over water is mandatory on this hole, though you can choose to ignore it if it makes you anxious. The green is sizable and guarded by sand traps on the short left and back right.

Bushwillow Course Hole 9

Par 4 | 388

Hole 9

The left side is flanked by the driving range and out-of-bounds, so the optimal strategy involves aiming at the right fairway bunker and executing a slight draw. As with many holes at Randpark Club, bunkers guard the green on both the left and right sides. This par-4 presents a substantial challenge, marking the halfway point of the round after nine splendid holes. It also represents the easier loop at Bushwillow, with more demanding challenges awaiting players once they’ve enjoyed the hospitality of the welcoming halfway house.

Bushwillow Course Hole 10

Par 4 | 426

Hole 10

While the younger “Gorillas” may not perceive this hole, formerly a par-5, as particularly lengthy, the majority of club golfers will likely find it challenging to reach the green in two shots, especially due to its slight uphill gradient. The green is expansive, featuring a pronounced left-to-right slope, resulting in many players facing ultra-long putts with significant breaks. Scoring par on this hole is commendable, and even a five is considered a respectable outcome.

Bushwillow Course Hole 11

Par 4 | 366

Hole 11

Precision off the tee is essential to navigate past the trees on the right and the bunker on the left, ensuring a clear approach to the green. When the pin is placed at the front of the green, reaching it can be challenging due to a slight uphill slope just before the putting surface. Attempting to play too delicately and get close to the flagstick may result in getting “stuck” in the kikuyu grass just short of the green.

Bushwillow Course Hole 12

Par 5 | 496

Hole 12

Maintaining cool nerves is crucial on this challenging par-5. Once more, it’s imperative to steer clear of the trees lining both sides of the fairway, as a severely hooked shot could end up in the stream running parallel to the hole. If you manage to reach the green in three well-executed shots, you can afford yourself a satisfied smile—unless, of course, the pin happens to be positioned on the extreme right while you find yourself on the extreme left (or vice versa). In such a scenario, you may face the daunting prospect of a particularly lengthy putt, potentially leading to a three-putt situation.

Bushwillow Course Hole 13

Par 3 | 182

Hole 13

The challenge continues on the back nine of Leafy Bushwillow. Accuracy off the tee is paramount here, with bunkers flanking both sides and creating a narrow passage to the green. Achieving par on this hole is an accomplishment in itself, but if you manage to score a birdie, you’d be fully justified in celebrating with a Gary Player-style fist pump. Oh yeah!

Bushwillow Course Hole 14

Par 4 | 396

Hole 14

There’s no respite in terms of difficulty on this hole. For the majority of Average Joe golfers, it’s a relatively long hole that demands two solid shots to reach the green in regulation. The sloping green is guarded by three bunkers, with one positioned just short and to the left – a cunning trap known for swallowing up golf balls.

Bushwillow Course Hole 15

Par 3 | 154

Hole 15

A momentary break? Perhaps, but steer clear of the left side where the stream awaits. Additionally, a bunker positioned to the short right is likely to catch a tee shot hit with a push or weak fade.

Bushwillow Course Hole 16

Par 4 | 378

Hole 16

A standout championship hole, marked as stroke 1 on the scorecard, offering plenty of challenges. The preferred shot is often a well-executed draw, as the hole bends from right to left. However, it’s crucial to avoid pulling or hooking shots, as the stream runs the entire length of the hole on the left. Additionally, as you approach the green, large, mature trees loom on the right side, presenting further obstacles. If your position is on the right side of the hole, you may need to choose between hitting a towering approach over the high tree-tops or executing a low punch-like shot under the branches—both demanding options.

Bushwillow Course Hole 17

Par 5 | 496

Hole 17

Intimidating, daunting, unnerving, treacherous – choose your adjective, as they all apply. The tee shot demands precision, with tall trees lining the left and a bunker to the right. For most golfers, the second shot entails a lengthy strike down the fairway, stopping short of the lake guarding the green. Then comes the old adage “Be afraid, be very afraid,” particularly relevant for the majority of us mere mortals. The approach shot over the water is extremely demanding, given the narrowness of the green from back to front, making it a small target. With a bunker positioned left and the ever-present threat of the stream beyond the putting surface, you must gauge your distance perfectly, trust your abilities, execute your shot confidently, and hope for the best. Reaching the green in two shots here is a feat reserved for the likes of Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy in the golfing world.

Bushwillow Course Hole 18

Par 4 | 384

Hole 18

The challenging nine concludes with another demanding dog-leg hole, where trees on the left force cautious play, often requiring a sideways chip out. Meanwhile, a fairway bunker looms menacingly on the right from the tee. However, the latter part of the hole slopes gently downhill, offering an enticing view of the green. With a precise shot, finding the center of the green sets up a brilliant opportunity for a birdie. It’s as easy as that! And of course, the inviting 19th hole awaits to celebrate your round.