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An optimal level of wellness and function is crucial to live a long and high-quality life. Wellness of our bodies, minds and souls ensures that we can manage stress and reduce the risk of illness.

The team at our Health and Wellness Centre are available to assist in many of the aspects required to be fully functional … and play your best golf. We’ve got you covered – from injury rehab and sports-specific functional training to nutrient-dense foods and individualised lifestyle programs – for a more functional you …

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Powerblast Training

Powerblast Training is a functional sports conditioning consultancy and training facility. We offer Personal Training (health, fitness and wellness), Sport-specific conditioning (for all sports and all ages), Golf-specific conditioning (strength, core and dynamic stability, explosive power and balance) as well as fitness boot camp classes. We are here to help, advise and train all clients through functional movement-based training.

Warren McCann – Runs a highly successful Personal Training Business and Corporate Wellness program catering to the corporate market. With a background in B Com Industrial Psychology and a specialisation in Exercise Science, Sport Physiology, and Sport Psychology through a B Com (Hons) Degree in Sport Management, Warren is equipped with extensive knowledge to address various aspects of health and fitness. He has authored numerous articles on training, health, and fitness for diverse publications. Warren’s expertise spans from rehabilitating sporting injuries to enhancing sporting performance, making a significant impact on the development of aspiring athletes across different sports disciplines. Having collaborated with individual athletes across various sports, Warren is dedicated to helping them attain higher achievements in their respective fields. His ultimate goal is to provide athletes with the essential tools necessary to reach their peak performance. Warren firmly believes in the correlation between dedication, sacrifice, and sports performance. He is committed to empowering each athlete to realize their full potential and become the best sportsperson they can be, shaping their destinies through focused guidance and support.

Theo Uys Heinrich – Is deeply committed to personalized sports development, driven by an unwavering dedication to continuous learning and surpassing expectations. Working closely with both clients and employers, Theo ensures that his approach is tailored to each individual he assists. His greatest strength lies in his attention to detail, apt demonstration, and extensive knowledge, enabling him to effectively convey techniques and positioning in various sporting movements and exercises. Capable of managing large groups while still providing individualized training sessions, Theo maintains professionalism, empathy, and discipline in all interactions. He motivates clients through recognition, positive reinforcement, and milestone-driven achievements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of techniques and alignment with broader goals. Ultimately, he exemplifies progress and achievement, instilling trust in the process.

Randpark Member – R 150 / month
Randpark Spousal Member – R 225 / month
Non-Randpark Member – R 450 / month

Personal Training Sessions (45 – 60 mins)
Single Session R 450
1 per week R 1 400 / month
2 per week R 2 400 / month
3 per week R 3 300 / month
4 per week R 4 000 / month
5 per week R 4 500 / month
10 Sessions R 4 500 (once off)

Mondays – Fridays: 07:00 – 11:00 and 14:00 – 18:00
Weekends & Public Holidays: 08:00 – 11:00

Telephone/WhatsApp Warren:  082 450 8220
Website: https://powerblasttraining.com/




Cheryl Stacey BSc (Physiotherapy) and accredited DNALYSIS practitioner – Founder of NOURiSHED, combines 25 years of hands-on physiotherapy experience with a holistic Functional Medicine approach, ensuring optimal health outcomes for her patients. Recognising the importance of lifestyle choices on joint and soft tissue health, Cheryl’s approach extends beyond treating initial injuries. She evaluates various factors such as stress, exercise, sleep, nutrition, and social environments, addressing inflammation and physiological processes comprehensively. Specialising in sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions, Cheryl’s focus also extends to the autonomic nervous system, viscera (organs), and myofascial (connective tissue), areas she has extensively studied post-graduation. Recently delving into Functional Medicine and DNA testing, Cheryl aims to better understand patients with inflammatory and chronic illnesses, enhancing her treatment strategies. As a former provincial athlete in triathlon and cycling, Cheryl brings firsthand insight into endurance sports’ mental and physical demands. This experience enriches her holistic approach to managing athletes’ injuries, training, and recovery. Outside of her practice, Cheryl enjoys running, swimming, and cycling, often accompanied by her three active children, embracing mindfulness and appreciation for life’s simple joys.

Physiotheraphy and Functional Health Sessions by appointment only.

Telephone: 082 859 6514
Email: info@nourishedfh.co.za
Website: https://www.nourishedfh.co.za/